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Tyson Skross The Losers

January 8 to February 14, 2015
Artist Reception, Thursday, January 8, 6 to 8


Platform Gallery is pleased to present its first exhibition of mixed media works by New York-based Tyson Skross. The works in The Losers fall into three main categories: Character, Setting, or Event, which then fit under a Theme and begin to create a story. Not a consecutive narrative starting here and ending there but a cyclical account of experience. Where Now melts into the Past and perception folds in on itself to be translated through the eye and the hand.

The story takes shape in the relationships between the works. For example, the characters have a presence, they pass through all of the others, shaping them (the Settings) or being shaped by them (the Events). The story is in the way each individual work influences and relates to the others and constantly changes as one piece relates to the next. They stand alone but they also carry a common thread. A detail that may come alive in one is developed further in another; a shape, a line, a palette, or a process. In between the larger motifs there are repeating themes approached from different angles, resolved, re-opened, creating an account that never settles on a conclusion.

The Losers

Simple stares. Feeling in a dark cave. Trying to see through smoke and dirt clouded air. The stranger. The friend. The guardian. The guide. An identity forgotten forever. An imaginary character. The blindness of thirsty senses without input. Seeing but seeing nothing. The valley, the mountain, the jungle. The adversary. The world is what is in front of your face. The entirety of existence known and unknown. Sanctuary in the closeness of the one in front. The dust and the humidity. A scarred trail. Nicks cuts burns. Towering column of earth. Mapping and remapping.

The resigned, heads down, necks bent. Columns of shifting forms with no destination.

No self image of power, triumph or ultimate confidence.

A foot missing a shoe. Comically hobbling. Barely human.

Tyson Skross received a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. He has had a solo exhibition in Berlin and his work has been in exhibitions nationally and internationally including in Leipzig and Dubai. He was a 2009 recipient of a Efroymson Contemporary Arts Fellowship.

Image: Annamite, 2013, acrylic, ink, and graphite on panel, 16 x 22 inches

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